Expert in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.
Tailored to the needs of each Company and Channel.
Intuitive and easy to use.
Highly competitive price-performance ratio.
Design for companies of all sizes.

Technical characteristics

Multi operating system

Available for main Operating Systems: Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Real-time information

The information is updated in real time in the web reporting system.

Multi Reporting

We have different reporting systems adaptable to customer needs.

Tracking via geolocation

The App allows you to track in real time the visits made and their duration.

On/Off Line

The app works, interchangeably, connected to the internet (online) or without connectivity (offline).

Management autonomy

The application’s back office has maximum autonomy in content management.

IT help desks

We provide support to Point of Sale Managers and the System Administrator every day of the week.

Maximum data security

We work with European hosting leaders who provide us with maximum security and confidence.


We tailor the solution to the specific needs of each client.

Data integration

We can perform two-way data integrations: from the Client to the System and from the System to the Client.

Multi client solution

The system allows multiple customers to be managed with the same application, this solution is particularly suitable for point of sale outsourcing companies.

Privacy and Data Protection

We respect all Spanish and European legal provisions regarding Privacy and Data Protection​


Store summary

It helps us prepare the visit by showing us the main KPIs of the store.

Central and Local promotions

We control compliance in store of Central and Local promotional agreements.

Survey forms

Allows you to ask temporary questions.

Order management

Allows to place orders and send them automatically via email.

Expense sheet

Allows you to check the mileage, visit costs, etc .


Internal communication system for the POS Managers and the Administrator.

Assortment management

Control of the assortment, pvp’s and facings, as well as its location on the shelf.

Shelf before and after

Improvements in shelf management.

Manage out-of-stock (OOS)

Allows you to send an email to the manager with the detected OOS.

POS display logistics

Allows us to automate shipment circuits of logistics materials to stores, greatly reducing manual procedures.

Visit goals

Allows us to define the objectives of the visit both by family and by retail brands.


Allows you to manage assortments grouped by POS.

Shelf space

Space dedicated to the brand at the shelves POS.


Control of competition launches and promotions.

Local negotiations

Allows you to collect local negotiations conducted by POS Managers.

Equipment inventory

It helps us to control and inventorise the equipment that we have in stores. For example: refrigerators, displays, etc.

Document Library

Allows you to view documents (Powerpoint, PDF, Excel, images, etc) and manage them.


Allows to route the visits of each POS Manager.

Main advantages

Facilitates decision making

Reporting system designed for improving the decision making process. 

Customizable Inverse Reporting

Email alert system that informs users of what is priority and urgent to solve.

Goal orientation

The temporary goals of the POS Managers can be defined by family and by client.

Increase in the organization and efficiency of the visit

Through the store summary we can easily identify the priorities of the visit and make it more organized and consequently we will increase its efficiency.

Reduces reaction time

Reaction times in regards to possible incidences in POS, such as out of stock, promotional defaults, etc., are significantly reduced.
Allowing efficient and effective decision making.

Increase the POS ROI

Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the POS levers: presence, visibility, PVP and promotion.

Unification of management criteria

Helps align team management policies in stores.

360° view of the POS

Offers us a complete information framework (macro/micro) at the POS, SKU or POS Manager level.

Team management by objectives

Helps make an objective assessment of the POS Managers team performance.

Data integration

We are able to perform bi-directional data integrations: from the customer to the system and from the system to the customer.

Work–life balance

Optimize POS Manager time by reducing post-visit administrative procedures.

Results quantification

Facilitates a more objective assessment of team management and results.