The Artificial Intelligence applied to the Point of Sale: assortment, space and promotions

What we offer​

With our technological partner and with our knowledge of the point of sale, we developed an AI solution aimed at the recognition of Advertising on site (products and materials) at the point of sale.

Image recognition at the point of sale ensures:

  • Reliability and objectivity in the data.

    Quick information gathering.

    More time in more strategic functions.

  • In the daily management of the Point of Sale. To collect data on presence, prices, facings, height or shelf quota.
  • In the control and checking of promotions linked to incentives, we can ensure with total reliability the fulfillment of the agreement in an objective manner. Allowing the payment of incentives or prizes to be based on the results actually obtained.

Webinar - AI applied to the POS

Don’t miss our webinar in collaboration with our provider, Pervasive, where we explain with a practical example how our tool, SGPV, implements artificial intelligence in image recognition.

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