An online solution to help our customers calculate promotional effectiveness with a strategic vision.
A promotional repository that allows us to quantify, organize and analyze promotional activities.
A manageable and highly operational tool that helps improve decision making at all levels:
Trade, Kam and POS Manager.

What does Analytics provide?

Promotional KPI analysis

  • Promotional Pressure Index (PPI): measures the promotional pressure that we are doing per family, banner or month.
    Promotional multiplier: analyzes the effectiveness of promotions.
    ROI: provides the efficiency of promotions.

Promotional Simulator

  • Allows Kam to analyze the feasibility of promotions and estimates their results based on the available history.

Promotional repository

  • Integrate customer promotional calendars with information collected in the POS and customer sales information (sell-in or sell-out).

Web reporting

  • The web environment allows you to share information in a simple way, so that all stakeholders can access it.
    It is a web solution that stands out for offering simple and highly operational reports. For example: customer calendars, promotional simulator, PPI analysis by retail brands, etc.